• Salary administration / social security

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Salary administration / social security

Do you know your way around the jungle of labor, social security, tax and immigration regulations? If not, take the pressure off yourself and minimize your risk by transferring all or part of your payroll administration to us.

  • Keeping payroll accounts with wage statements and preparing wage statements including all social security notifications, social security declarations and settlements with withholding tax
  • Social security advice on national and international issues including representation vis-à-vis social security authorities and withholding tax offices
  • Clarification and obtaining residence and work permits
  • Preparation or review of expense regulations including obtaining approval from the tax authorities
  • Preparation of labor law documents and clarification of labor law issues
  • Review of compensation models including development of employee stock ownership plans
  • Pay equity analysis in accordance with the Gender Equality Act

"Thank you for always being able to count, or continue to count, on the courteous, prompt and competent support of my payroll team during the Corona pandemic and in the future."

Daniel Böhm
Bito Storage Technology Bittmann AG