• Audit

    more than a compulsory exercise

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Auditing is not a compulsory exercise for us. We analyze your financial statements in a risk-oriented manner according to the various audit approaches, always with the aim of achieving added value thanks to our reporting and discussion of the measures to be taken.

  • Annual audit of AG (joint-stock companies), GmbH (companies with limited liability), cooperatives incl. audit according to company law (ordinary and limited audits) as well as Swiss GAAP FER
  • Group audit
  • Audit of foundation accounts (incl. welfare funds, semi-autonomous and autonomous pension funds)
  • Audit of non-profit organizations according to ZGB/OR, FER and ZEWO guidelines
  • Special audits in particular in cases of establishments, capital increases and decreases, mergers as well as liquidations
  • Formal review of the pay equity analysis
  • Audits as audit experts according with the Audit Oversight Act (AOA)

RAB registration

CONVISA Revisions AG has been definitively licensed as an audit expert by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA ) since 2009 (Reg. No. 502414). With around 250 auditing mandates, we are one of the top addresses for audits of SMEs and NPOs.

"High professional competence paired with flexibility and short decision-making paths. The ideal audit team for our complex structure."

Renato Denoth
Pro Infirmis