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Focus 2022

  • New inheritance law from 1.1.2023 - More freedom in estate planning
  • Introduction of trusts in Swiss law. Law - Adoption of foreign legal entities meets with resistance
  • New stock corporation law from Jan. 1, 2023 - Increased flexibility
  • New data protection law as of 1.9.2023 - protection of the personality of natural persons
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies - Does this make you a professional securities trader?
  • Did you know? - Investment funds with direct real estate holdings are attractive for tax purposes
  • Real estate and VAT - planning options for purchase / sale / lease
  • Global OECD Minimum Tax - Planned Implementation in Switzerland / Impact on SMEs
  • Contractorship - future model for independent work?
  • In FOCUS - News from the tax legislation
  • In FOCUS - News from legislation / case law
  • In FOCUS - Our brief notes

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Focus 2021

  • Is the tax world changing? - Impact of current developments on private individuals and SMEs
  • Reduction of Tax Consequences - Simplifications in the Swiss Tax Landscape
  • Succession planning with employees - watch out for the taxman!
  • Inheritance Law Revision - Current Status
  • No longer just maternity leave - paternity leave as well as other caregiver leave.
  • In FOKUS - News from the tax practice
  • In FOCUS - Quick reference
  • In FOKUS - Canton Schwyz
  • In FOCUS - Looking beyond the borders
  • COVID-19 - Miscellaneous points of note

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Focus 2020

  • Demolition of real estate - tax discrimination
  • Intercant. Tax separation - adjustment of repartition value / AHV
  • Withholding tax on earned income - revision as of 1.1.2021
  • Variable salary components - The risk that the discretionary bonus is owed
  • EL - Reform as of 1.1.2021
  • Revision of stock corporation law - More modernization / flexibility
  • AHVeasy Canton Schwyz - Advantages
  • Covid-19: div. themes
  • Reform of the withholding tax / SMEs remain outside!
  • Canton SZ - Relief in taxes / social ins.

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AHV 21 reform

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Flash 5 - New inheritance law from January 1, 2023: Outlook - Revision of Inheritance Law to Facilitate Company Succession

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