Employee orientation

Grateful for the above-average loyalty of our employees, we can also take this as an unmistakable sign that the way of working together as well as individual advancement at CONVISA is convincing and enjoyable. A trusting, collegial working atmosphere, a secure job, fair remuneration, committed internal further training, the promotion of external additional training - this is what we are committed to as an employer.

CONVISA AG as your employer - an opportunity?

Exam successes - congratulations!

Eliane Suter, fiduciary with federal FA

After an intensive period of preparation,Eliane Suter has passed the exam to become a certified fiduciary expert.
Congratulations on the new rung on your career ladder!

Our apprentice Vimon Vasanthanesan has successfully completed his apprenticeship as a commercial clerk EFZ E-Profil. The entire CONVISA team is proud of this achievement and looks forward to further cooperation.

Svenja Lustenberger, businesswoman with vocational baccalaureate

The entire CONVISA team congratulates Svenja Lustenberger on successfully completing her further training as an accounting clerk.

Work anniversaries - consistency in times of change

Stephan Baumann, Fiduciary with Swiss FA

Stephan Baumann (30 years)

Irene Betschart, Secretariat

Irene Betschart (30 years)

Ralph Gwerder, Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert, Partner

Ralph Gwerder (30 years)

Irene Jud, Trust

Irene Jud (30 years)

Thomas Sicher, lic. oec. HSG, certified public accountant, licensed audit expert, partner

Thomas Sicher (25 years)

Cornelia Amgwerd, Secretariat

Cornelia Amgwerd (15 years)