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Regardless of whether your position is advertised with us or not, contact us.

With us, you can expect a well-coordinated cross-functional team, from trainees to experts. Get in touch with us in response to our job advertisements, we look forward to getting to know you personally.

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Fiduciary with FA 40 - 100%

Headquarters Schwyz and/or branch Pfäffikon SZ

Equipped with a professional certificate and several years of fiduciary experience, are you looking for independence, but also genuine cooperation in a multidisciplinary team? This wish is a reality with us.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us spontaneously if you come from the region and are interested in a position at CONVISA that is not advertised. Depending on your profile, we will be happy to invite you to a personal interview.

Our recruiter is looking forward to hearing from you.

Jörg Wick
lic. oec. HSG
MAS Human Resource Management
041 819 60 60
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We promote team spirit and further training

Basic commercial training

More than 60 young professionals have so far successfully completed their commercial training at CONVISA AG, headquartered in Schwyz.

Interested, committed school leavers receive a personal, well-founded and broad-based apprenticeship with us. Our team is committed to their training in the field of fiduciary services, preferably with a vocational baccalaureate.

Apprenticeship summer 2023 awarded
Apprenticeship summer 2024 assigned

Our vocational trainer will be happy to provide further information.

Maja Dittli
HR Specialist with FA
Payroll Expert
Vocational trainer
041 819 60 60
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Jeanine Mettler, Fiduciary Officer

Are you interested in learning more about the profession of EFZ Fiduciary?

Jeanine Mettler
Fiduciary with federal FA
Responsible for trial apprenticeships
041 819 60 60
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Insight into our basic training